Now I am totally new to wordpress and blogging overall but I just needed a new forum to discuss and release all my thoughts, aside from within my mind so I feel less like a crazy person. Hopefully, as my fingers flow over these keys, I’ll find myself becoming mentally at ease. You see what I did there? Rhyming. *giggles*
The source of my distress right now is relationships. One of the biggest roller coasters of life.
I have been single now for as long as the dinosaurs have been extinct. Believe it or not, my last boyfriend and I survived the Ice Age together and said toodles to our dino pets. All jokes aside though, it really has been awhile. However, I must say despite any hurt I may have received from that relationship, it really was a learning experience [cliche I know] but I truly learnt a lot about myself. I discovered issues I had and definitely worked on them.
Now with my new and improved self, I feel ready to date again. I mean I am at least a decently attractive person in the face with a nice body, my personality is dealable with and I’m fun to be around. So what’s the problem?
I have now realised my worth, after increasing my value once working on my issues, and refused to settle for less than I deserve. Now I am not being narcissistic at all, I am really a humble chick, but I find that I do have certain things I am looking for and I will not dip below that level I have set.
So you may be thinking, this girl is too hard to please or something of the sort but this is not true either. I just want a guy who’s a gentleMAN, not a childish boy in a man’s body. If I wanted to deal with a child, I would have one. Now I am not expecting him to open my car door either, I have accepted that chivalry is dying, but certain traits should not vanish either. I just want a guy who will truly love me, treat me right, give as much as he’ll get from me, be honest, be loyal, respect me and be monogamous! I find this list to be basic as this is how a relationship should be, but damn I hang with a lot of guys because I’m that ‘chill’ kind of chick and they ‘dog’ a lot of girls.

I am starting to feel like I’m stuck in the wrong decade and with this generation, to find a guy who has the basic criteria down is like well, finding a needle in haystack. Am I expecting too much? Should I just be okay with my guy having many side chicks but coming back to me at night?