There are 10 million and 1 reasons to love being Jamaican, but then there are another 10 million to want to run away elsewhere.

Despite any negatives feelings I may have from time to time, in the end I LOVE being Jamaican and I’d be nothing without my family roots here! So I understand why so many people love coming here, or any Caribbean country overall, and enjoy taking part in our culture. Hell, tourism is one of our biggest source of revenue so I welcome you one and all. Take a visit! Want some tips? I am a few keystrokes away!

Better yet, if you want tips in speaking Jamaican Patois, I’m here. Damn, if yall want me to speak in creole, I’d do it too. Who wants a whole post just in creole? Haha that would be a blast!

I love being Jamaican but I hate the stereotypes associated with our people. So please don’t be an ass because you would HATE to see a real Jamaican pop off on you!

[Disclaimer: I am not mad or annoyed, so do not take it that way. Just some friendly advice.]

1) DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT!, ASSUME EVERY JAMAICAN SMOKES WEED... Damn, I am not bashing the epicness that is marijuana but you would be stereotyping to believe that. This really gets to some people, so please do not do it.

FYI, smoking marijuana is illegal here and yes, the law is enforced. So if you do get to puff up when you come here, watch your back ­čÖé

2) WE DO NOT WORSHIP OR LISTEN TO BOB MARLEY 24/7… Jamaicans listen to all genres of music and there are many other reggae and dancehall artistes that get our recognition. Also, don’t ask if we know Bob Marley, he’s dead for┬áheaven-sake.

I find it hilarious when I’m in the States and people ask me to finish off a line of a Bob Marley song and I am blank. They are so disappointed. *LOL*

3) WE DO NOT LIVE IN HUTS, BOARD SHACKS OR JUMP ALONG TREES LIKE WILD ANIMALS.┬áI actually find this one the most ignorant, it’s 20-frikkin-12,┬árealize┬áthat we own houses. Yes, poverty is real so some people may live in shacks but damnit we are not monkeys!

4) WE DO NOT ALL HAVE DREADLOCKS OR ARE RASTAFARIANS. This is self-explanatory. Jamaica’s motto is ‘Out of Many: One People’ we have people of all ethnicity and religions here,
Hell, I grew up in a Christian home with not one rasta in my family. Check yo’self!

5) WE DO NOT ALL SAY ‘WAH GWAAN’ OR ‘MON’. Matter of fact, no one says ‘mon.’
Story: I had to be back in Jamaica for new years eve 2011 because there’s nowhere else to party right into the new year like Jamaica. When my flight landed in the beautiful city of Montego Bay, all the tourists decided to take off their winter weather, wear their undershirts and sunglasses and start screaming ‘Yeah mon!’ on the plane.
I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Every single REAL Jamaican on that plane had an immediate screw face like holy shit, we do not do this!

6) EVERY JAMAICAN IS NOT RELATED. EVERY JAMAICAN IS NOT BLACK.There are actually millions of people living here, you may have met a Jamaican named Tom Jones sometime ago but I for one have no idea who the hell he is.

7) WE HAVE CITIES, TOWNS, ETC. Jamaica is not one big beach, we do have roads and established urban areas. We have one of the best nightlife scenes in the world, of course we have cities.

8) EVERY JAMAICAN IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC. I HATE to see people hating my country so please stop generalising. You have homophobes everywhere. I am certainly open to gays and lesbians, and have some as friends. I judge my friends based on their personality, mindset and their ability to just have a good time.

9) ALL JAMAICANS DO NOT BLEACH. Now if you have not heard this or have no knowledge on Vybz Kartel and his bleaching, then disregard this point. I just had to get this one out there, we do not all bleach our skin. Actually only a minority of people do this and it is not exactly a Jamaican thing, it’s a ‘black’ people thing so just get this assumption out of your mind.

This is really just all I could think of readily. Comment any more if you so desire.
So toss these assumptions out the door, come to Jamaica and let’s have a great time! ­čÖé #ProudJamaican.