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I completely never saw myself as a blogger, and to be honest I was on the verge of deleting this site last night. I mean, I just needed a way to vent my issues. However, I decided to give this another shot and write another post.
I have views, frustrations and stories on almost every topic, I mean I do live a VERY eventful life. Comment and give me a topic, I’m sure to give an hilarious story.

[Disclaimer: I do live in the Caribbean, though I do frequent USA and Canada, so my stories are a reflection of our society and I’ll do my best to explain any slangs I may use]

So I want to share with you guys my newest project. I am really tired of waiting on an attractive guy to ‘step to me’ so I decided that from now on, I will try my best to make the first move. After all I am not shy, it will not take much out of me to introduce myself. Now do not think I am boy-crazy, definitely not. My career and achieving my goals are my first priority but hey a lil love-a-dub-dub would not hurt  🙂

Recently, I found myself spending a Saturday night out at one of the clubs with friends, just drinking some Patron shots and having a good time. We decided to leave before the club ended, because who really wants to be caught in traffic with drunken drivers anyway? Recipe for mayhem & a broken tail light. As I approached the exit door, I was blinded by the glow of something right by the door, no not the bright red EXIT light! The gorgeous human being standing right next to it.

He was attractive, no doubt, and better yet he was staring right at me. So I immediately thought, now is the perfect time to get started on this ‘Operation:Grow Some Balls’ plan. I introduced myself to him, and praises be to whichever God you believe in, he told me was hoping I would come over to him.

We conversed for a bit, I got his number and left feeling accomplished that I at least was able to execute my project. I have his number stored but i’m yet to make the next step. Because…
Should I be the one making all the moves? In this ‘go-getter’ world, how much should you go and get?

I attached this picture because the words are really thought provoking. It’s never too late to re-evaluate your life. How much are YOU willing to go for what you want?


Now I am totally new to wordpress and blogging overall but I just needed a new forum to discuss and release all my thoughts, aside from within my mind so I feel less like a crazy person. Hopefully, as my fingers flow over these keys, I’ll find myself becoming mentally at ease. You see what I did there? Rhyming. *giggles*
The source of my distress right now is relationships. One of the biggest roller coasters of life.
I have been single now for as long as the dinosaurs have been extinct. Believe it or not, my last boyfriend and I survived the Ice Age together and said toodles to our dino pets. All jokes aside though, it really has been awhile. However, I must say despite any hurt I may have received from that relationship, it really was a learning experience [cliche I know] but I truly learnt a lot about myself. I discovered issues I had and definitely worked on them.
Now with my new and improved self, I feel ready to date again. I mean I am at least a decently attractive person in the face with a nice body, my personality is dealable with and I’m fun to be around. So what’s the problem?
I have now realised my worth, after increasing my value once working on my issues, and refused to settle for less than I deserve. Now I am not being narcissistic at all, I am really a humble chick, but I find that I do have certain things I am looking for and I will not dip below that level I have set.
So you may be thinking, this girl is too hard to please or something of the sort but this is not true either. I just want a guy who’s a gentleMAN, not a childish boy in a man’s body. If I wanted to deal with a child, I would have one. Now I am not expecting him to open my car door either, I have accepted that chivalry is dying, but certain traits should not vanish either. I just want a guy who will truly love me, treat me right, give as much as he’ll get from me, be honest, be loyal, respect me and be monogamous! I find this list to be basic as this is how a relationship should be, but damn I hang with a lot of guys because I’m that ‘chill’ kind of chick and they ‘dog’ a lot of girls.

I am starting to feel like I’m stuck in the wrong decade and with this generation, to find a guy who has the basic criteria down is like well, finding a needle in haystack. Am I expecting too much? Should I just be okay with my guy having many side chicks but coming back to me at night?